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Black and White Photography - "Head Shots"

There are two basic types of head shots, commercial and theatrical. In both cases, it is strongly recommended that you remove all jewelry (including watches, braclets, earrings, rings, etc).

A Commercial shot should have a nice open smile (light colored clothing is recommeded: pastels, earthy/natural colors - not white).

Commercial Photography Clothing Guidelines
Casual to sporty look Stripes
Solid colors only Patterns
Light to medium shades Plaids
T-Shirts (no logos) Pictures
Long sleeved cotton or denim shirts Writing
Short sleeved "polo" style shirts Black
Sweatshirts White
Jeans Hats
Casual slacks (Dockers) Caps
Sweaters (solid color V-neck or crew neck) Dressy/formal wear
Overalls Loud prints
Jean jackets Loose or baggy clothing
Khaki color shirts Designer labels
Women: make up should be light & natural Women: nothing low-cut or too tight

A Theatrical shot is more serious and your mouth should be completely closed without any teeth showing. Darker colored clothing is recommeded: dark blue, dark green, dark gray, black, etc. - not white).
Theatrical Photography Clothing Guidelines
Casual wear White
Solid colors only Stripes
Medium to darker shades Patterns
T-Shirts (no logos) Plaids
Jeans Pictures
Casual slacks Writing
Sweaters with texture Hats
Black works great Caps
(Men) Suit/sport jacket with tie and simple off white shirt No designer labels
Womens business look: Suit/blouse or business dress Women: nothing low cut or too high

There are two basic types of head shots, commercial and theatrical. In both cases, it is strongly recommended that you remove all jewelry (including watches, braclets, earrings, rings, etc).

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General Guidelines

  1. Always bring enough clothing for at least three to four complete changes with accessories (hat, shoes, ties, handbags, etc.)
  2. Do Not wear white, black, red, bright colors or loud prints unless your casting director specifically asks you to.
  3. Ensure clothing is clean, nicely pressed and on hangers, not just thrown in a bag (exceptions are winos, bag ladies, bums, etc.).
  4. Show up to studio on time. Not early, not late. Shooting time generally runs 2-3 hours.
  5. Always arrive dressed and ready to shoot. Hair and makeup should be done at home, unless instructed otherwise.
  6. Be creative - bring props to complete your character (i.e. shopping bag, brief case, sunglasses, books, roller skates, etc.)
  7. Get plenty of sleep the night before so you can be fresh and upbeat for your shoot.
  8. Good Luck & Have Fun.

Types of Looks

Body Shot
Clothing for women: bikini, Olympic style one-piece bathing suit (solid color), men-boxer style trunks, bath robes/pool robes, if over 18, Victoria Secret type lingerie.

Clothing for men: bath robes/pool robes clean underwear (Calvin Klein, Structure, Joe Boxer, etc.), bathing suit.

Props: large towel, swimming accessories, wraps, and turban.

Business Wear
Clothing for women: Conservative suits or dresses (linens, wools and silks), dress shoes, hosiery, conservative jewelry. Nothing outlandish, tight fitting, low fit or suggestive. No loud prints or stripes and no miniskirts. You should be well groomed. Your hair and make-up should be conservative.

Clothing for men: Business suit (usually dark, pin-stripes are okay), solid color long sleeve dress shirt (usually, white, off white or a soft pastel), silk tie. Check with the casting director for alternatives such as sport coats and slacks. You should be well groomed and clean shaven.

Props: briefcase, portable laptop computer, cellular phone, steno pad, pen, glasses.

Casual Wear
Clothing for men and women: blue or black jeans (loose for men, not too baggy), crisp white t-shirts, oversized sweatshirt (no logos), oversized sweaters, blouses, layered look, oversized men's shirt for women, halter top, leather/jean jackets, skirt, vest, slacks, casual coats and minis.

Props: purse, sunglasses, umbrella, tote bag, basket, magazines, hats.

Formal Dress Wear
Clothing for women: Floor length evening gowns, 2"-3" heel shoes, conservative formal jewelry, well groomed and conservative make-up.

Clothing for men: Contemporary black tuxedo, white or off-white tuxedo shirt, black cumberbund and bow tie, black patten leather dress shoes, black socks, conservative cut hair and styled, clean shaven.

Props: evening bags, evening scarf or wrap, ascot.

Clothing for women:
Psychadelic colors, tie-dye, mini skirt, Go-Go boots (very high boots), plastic pants/skirts, mod color tights, fringe jackets, Birkenstock sandal, Bell bottom pants, mini skirts, hot pants, leather jackets, leather pants, platform shoes.

Clothing for men: Psychadelic colors, tie-dye, fringe jacket, dress shirts with wide colors, Bell bottom pants, liesure suits, white belts, white shoes, leather jackets, leather pants, polyester dress shirts partially buttoned and wide ties.

Props: wild hats, "granny" glasses (like John Lennon), bandanas, beads, huge earings, funky sunglasses.

Sports Wear
Clothing for women:tennis outfit, team outfit, aerobic/workout wear

Clothing for men: Running shorts, tennis outfit, team outfit,

Props: tennis racquet, baseball bat/ball/glove, soccer ball, small hand weights, bicycle, water bottle, sweatband, bandana, gloves, rollerblades.


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