What the industry is saying about ActingResume.com...

Casting directors are going to love this!
-Ben Wexler, co-producer, "The Nikki Show," WB Network

Worth Every Penny!
-Pauly Shore

Thanks to the internet, ActingResume.com can
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-Kirk Charnelle, Film Roman Level13.net

ActingResume.com is a must for all new clients
entering the business. It saves me time and it
saves my clients money!

-Suzanne Walters, ESI KIDZ Inc.

Actors have been asking me resume questions
for years and now I have the answer...go to

-Allen Fawcett, Former Host, Puttin' On The Hits

Creating my resume was so easy and it looks
great! Thank you ActingResume.com
-Jaclyn Magill, Actor


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